Justin Martin is known nationally for his video performances, neighborhood walking tours, and site-specific public interventions. Using process-based relational strategies Justin investigates how the self and others experience constructed and natural space. More importantly, he is interested in how this construction plays a role in our interaction with each other and our environment.

Recent projects include: Urban Legend, TEN FEET TALL, Walk West, I’m Too Sad to Tell You, Live(ing) Monument, Park n Squeeze, Breaking Ground; A Seeding Walk in downtown Tampa, FL and Cameraheads Project (collaboration with the ACLU).

Martin was raised in Montana where he received his BFA from the University of Montana and in 2011 completed his MFA from The University of South Florida, Tampa.


I was raised with a heightened awareness of ecology. As a child I was witness to the development of one of the last frontiers in the United States. I watched the transition of a forest change to farmland, and the farmland change into subdivisions. In my work, I investigate the construction of manmade urban environments and our relationship to it. Through my observations, performances and dialogue, I analyze issues of control, power, surveillance, and physical and social barriers. I use relational strategies to activate my audience/participants toward a renewed sensitivity to the nature of community and communal space.

The performances range from video and organized walks to public interventions. The immediacy of social exchanges that transpire in my performances has become important to my practice. An investment into place leads to the unearthing of hidden structures and sometimes easily overlooked socio-political issues.